Service Excellence

Service excellence is about ownership of the clients’ experience.

What makes an experience “the best?” What do clients want most, and how can organizations respond successfully? The answer to both questions lies in the quality of personal service. Given their pressured work environments, nothing matters more to corporate clients. Nothing is more difficult for organizations to deliver or potentially more differentiating. While product design and solutions rollout style will always be important, nothing comes closer than personal service to providing true competitive advantage.

‘How’ organizations do ‘what’ they do can to be a differentiator and the bridge to loyalty.

Unique service culture is based on a series of insights and beliefs about the individual who provides the act of service, and the one who receives it. The first of these is about the individuals themselves—namely, that the desire to serve is innate, there to be discovered, and not taught by the hiring organization. Service can’t be ‘pre-checked’ or ‘sampled’—production and consumption are simultaneous. Those few moments of service delivery are a company’s make or break point, when reputation is either confirmed or denied. And the outcome normally depends on front-line employees: security staff at the entrance, tellers, account reps—the lowest paid people, and often, in too many companies, the least motivated.

Each employee owning the customer experience is a source of superior profitability, reputation, and growth. Organizations’ success depends on choosing employees who provide service that is genuine and innovative, on developing standards that are both meaningful and flexible, and on maintaining a unique culture that makes delivery of both possible.

AppliedTechonomics helps clients become better by driving excellence in both what they do, and how they do it.

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