The Analyst position provides an avenue for high caliber individuals to enter our company and build an interesting career based on deepening their existing knowledge and understanding of current and future industry sectors.


You will undergo training to develop consulting skills, perform distinctive research and analytics, keep up to date with industry developments and work with AppliedTechonomics consultants in problem solving industry issues and bringing the best knowledge to our clients. 

Primary Responsibilities:

You will be responsible for collecting, analyzing, synthesizing information and marketing.

  • You will develop client-ready industry overviews, case materials, financial analyses and other knowledge products. You will be responsible for working with consultants and clients to scope and prioritize their research needs, identifying the key issues through discussions with requestors and, on that basis, to determine the most appropriate, cost-effective and timely research solutions. Gathering the necessary raw information from a broad spectrum of sources, you will analyze and synthesize your findings into targeted, AppliedTechonomics-formatted end products. These end products may be in the form of single exhibits, written summaries, basic fact packs, and spreadsheets.
  • Knowledge development. You are encouraged to build a solid knowledge base, developing an appropriately broad understanding of the relevant structure, players, and trends in your topic area(s). To help build your expertise you will be leveraging internal and external networks, including leading industry sources and proprietary tools and models.

Desirable Skills:

You will be expected to demonstrate a clear desire to work in a research role and with an interest in global issues affecting a multiplicity of industry sectors. The ideal candidate will possess the following:

  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills.
  • Professional attitude, service orientation and superb team player.
  • Excellent presentation skills.
  • Willingness to take initiative and responsibility.
  • Excellent problem-solving, analytical and quantitative skills.
  • Experience in conducting business or academic research.
  • Proficiency in MSWord, MSExcel, MSPowerPoint, MSVisio (preferred)

Education/Prior Experience:

  • Strong academic record in a scientific/numeric subject(s) from a respected institution (Bachelor’s degree required/Master’s degree preferred).
  • 1-3 years’ experience is advantageous.
  • Must be fluent in English and one or more language(s).
  • Must have traveled to -or lived in at least two countries.