Associate Client Partner

As an Associate Client Partner, you work very closely with Senior Client Partners to help them further develop their client relationships and ensure that we deliver well-structured projects that exceed our clients’ expectations. The role is one of apprenticeship and learning – you will transition to leading client relationships, developing new clients, and taking on increasing responsibility for delivering key elements of the firm’s growth strategy.

The nature of our relationships with clients is our lifeblood. We build positive and enduring relationships with our clients. Our clients are interesting and inspiring to work with, and we are passionate about helping them achieve their desired outcomes.

The DNA of the Associate Client Partner:

  • Join with Senior Client Partners in developing relationships with new and existing clients, introducing them to the firm and engaging them in insightful conversations about issues of relevance to them.
  • Scope and structure projects for clients and write compelling proposals. This involves drawing on all of your and the firm’s experience to customize an approach to the specifics of each client situation and working closely with our internal team to select consultants for each project role and craft strong teams.
  • Run each project and ensure that it is on track, and that clients are delighted with progress. You will be involved in the day-to-day problem solving and you need to stay close enough to clients to respond to shifts in scope and new issues arising.
  • Be working on multiple projects and opportunities in parallel with at least one AppliedTechonomics Senior Client Partner.
  • Be an ambassador for the firm and play a key role in assessing new joiners – as well as build trusting and collaborative relationships on our projects.

Desirable Experience and Skills
You are likely to have held a line role in strategy for a large corporate or an executive role in a smaller company. As a result you have developed the following skills:

  • You have an understanding of how client relationships are built, and have a track record of helping create and grow significant long term strategy consulting relationships hence you are not daunted by expectations of generating your own revenue platform prior to election.
  • You can influence decision-making and have a broad knowledge of consulting approaches to help clients resolve their issues.
  • You simplify complex problems, understand the underlying issues, and structure pragmatic consulting projects.
  • You communicate logically and fluently, both in proposal writing and in synthesizing findings.
  • You are at ease juggling and prioritizing a number of different project situations – all the while demonstrating grace under pressure and maintaining a sense of humor and perspective.

Additional Attributes
Our culture and the way in which we engage with both clients and consultants is a major factor in our success to date. To be successful as an Associate Client Partner we believe that you will also need to be:

  • Highly empathetic and compassionate – able to engage and motivate our highly talented independent consultants while respecting the unique nature of the relationships that we hold with them.
  • Capable of inspiring immediate confidence in new clients, who may not yet know AppliedTechonomics and need to believe that we will deliver the quality that they seek.
  • A skilled and highly motivated relationship builder who gets energy from engaging with people and their business issues, and cares about their success.
  • Highly collaborative in your approach to working with colleagues and clients.
  • Obsessive about high standards and excellence in all aspects of what you do.
  • Someone who commits, can quickly become “one of us,” and who will seek to shape the firm as it grows.
  • Excited about the AppliedTechonomics business model, the benefits it delivers to clients and consultants, and its potential to shape the future of our clients.

We welcome meeting anyone with the right qualities, however, particularly interested in people who have an excellent attitude, are resourceful and have a sense of urgency. If the attributes and aspirations we have described match your background and personal objectives, we invite you to forward your CV or Résumé to: