Business Requirements

Business requirements are what must be delivered to provide value.

Products, systems, software, and processes are the ways of how to deliver, satisfy, or meet the business requirements’ whats. Consequently, the topic of business requirements often arises in the context of developing or procuring software or other system; but business requirements exist much more broadly. That is, ‘business’ can be at work or personal, for profit or not-for-profit.

Business requirements are often listed in a Business Requirements Document or BRD. The emphasis in a BRD is on what is required, rather than on how to achieve it, which is usually delegated to a Systems Requirements Specification or Document (SRS or SRD) or other variation such as a Functional Specification Document (FSD). While supposedly describing the product, system, or software from an external perspective, such documents often define the product/system/software requirements in the context of a chosen technology (a solution approach or architecture). Further confusion often arises when people writing BRDs do not understand the distinctions; and consequently many BRDs actually describe requirements of a product, system, or software.

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