Higher Education

The pandemic saw as many as 1.3 billion learners worldwide affected in 2020. Closing schools and universities to decelerate the spread of Covid-19 has triggered revenue challenges and increased operating costs resulting from a multitude of ‘blended’ learning possibilities, in many cases, enabling hybrid (in-person and online) learning.

The education sector’s business operating model is under tremendous pressure to deliver quality learning in a hybrid environment with the least number of social ramifications. From hiring freezes, revenue losses due to falling enrolment, IT governance challenges, educational institutions worldwide are faced with reconceptualizing how to balance between staying afloat in times of existential threats and competing effectively in delivering quality instruction to future generations in such situations.

Our experts help educational institutions prepare for a post-pandemic world through stress testing for net-zero impact on business resilience and enabling adaptive operating solutions.

We partner with administration and faculty to maximize value, transform their businesses and develop new capabilities needed to lead.