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As pharmaceutical companies reshape their commercial models to prepare for the uncertainties ahead, personalization and digital enablement will be crucial to launch success in the new environment. COVID-19 is here to stay – mindfully co-existing alongside, treating and building herd like immunity to viruses and diseases will resonate across healthcare extending across the value chain from clinicians and pharmaceutical patients and families.

The industry faces multi-pronged challenges. As well as helping to decelerate COVID-19 by developing and distributing smart antidotes and tests, it must continue to deliver innovative therapies and diagnos­tics to clinicians, patients, and healthcare systems—even as R&D, manufacturing, and supply chains are struggling to maintain business as usual.


  • Commercialization
  • Mergers & Acquisition Targeting Evaluation and Integration
  • Operations
  • Build R&D Functions
  • Supply Chain Strategies

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