Applied Techonomics is setting the standard for working with organizations across a broad array of industries to tackle complex business issues, boost operating performance and achieve meaningful and measurable bottom-line results.

“Techonomics” refers to the application of technology and analytics to make informed decisions that create economic value.

As an advisory and consulting firm comprised of seasoned operating executives, consultants and research professionals, AT offers a unique set of global perspectives, specialist insights and strategic capabilities, with a hands-on approach to solving problems and delivering meaningful and measurable outcomes. Across countries and companies, we work at the cross hairs of Risk and Opportunity to ensure our clients succeed.


Featured Solutions

Political Risk & Uncertainty
Our digital solutions help clients see round-the-corner events before they can happen
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Governance Modeling
Create value with our data governance modeling platform
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Net Assessment
We build our clients' 20 year growth vision
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Simulation Games
We create simulations and scenario-driven events that enhance your understanding of complex problems and strengthen your agility to identify unintended opportunities
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